Finally! A True Five-Star Resort at Disney Orlando


Finally!  A true five-star resort at Disney Orlando.  If it’s that time in your life when you are taking your kids on their pilgrimage to Disney, I would highly recommend the Four Seasons Hotel which is located within the Disney Resort.

In true Four Seasons fashion, you will find comfy beds, a large bathroom, lot’s of closet space, nice décor and FIVE STAR SERVICE.   The rooms that face the Magic Kingdom come at a premium since you can view the nightly fireworks show right from your room.   All of the hotel rooms are comfortably sized and have sofa beds — so if you are traveling with one or two children, everyone can stay in one room (yahoo)!

When you are at Disney and Orlando for the first time you have a ton of questions and the hotel is well equipped with concierge staff who are friendly and full of answers.  Disney also has its own concierge/sales desk in the Four Seasons lobby allowing for easy and accessible information and tickets.

For those of you not able to spend every waking hour of the day taking in Disney or other local attractions, it is nice to return to the Four Seasons where you will find two pools: one catering to adults and the other for families. The family pool boasts a couple of serious water slides plus a lazy river.   Additionally, there are ping pong tables, bean bag toss games and a few other activities to keep the kids entertained.   There is a top of the line spa and fully equipped gym for parents.

The dining experience at the hotel is excellent.  Our breakfast server was the same person on our two mornings and on the second day she knew all our coffee details, our son’s name and remembered what we had on our agenda the day prior; even conversing with our son and asking questions about his day.   One night we enjoyed sunset drinks at the rooftop bar where there is also a Spanish style steak house with two distinct rooms.  One room seemed to have families and the other, adults, which I thought was a nice touch.

All in all, if you want an adult/luxury experience when traveling to Disney, I would recommend the Four Seasons.


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