Pink Sands Club Canouan- The Ultimate Luxury Resort in the Caribbean


Canouan is a small mountainous island located in the Grenadines.   The heart of this island is the resort which occupies more than half of the island and is now in its fourth re-incarnation, The Pink Sands Club.  Some of you may recognize names of past lives which include: Rosewood Carenage Bay, Raffles Resort and Canouan Island Resort and now the latest and greatest Pink Sand Club, certainly not to be confused with the Pink Sands in the Bahamas.     This was my fourth visit to Canouan over the past 14 years.  As an avid beach lover, I have a soft spot for this island which has a perfect white sandy beach with clear blue waters and of course I could not forget to mention one of the most scenic, challenging and well maintained golf courses in the Caribbean (I am a golfer).  When I heard that the new Pink Sands Club had finally opened, I couldn’t wait to return.

Unless you have access to a private jet, Canouan may not be the easiest island to get to….. However, who ever said that paradise can be found just a non-stop flight away??   I have always made a habit of visiting this island with friends and therefore have taken advantage of booking a private charter from either Barbados or St Lucia.  Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about this as I have done this multiple times now.

The new Pink Sands Club is a full service, six star, self-contained resort.   The resort has anything and everything one could imagine you would need for a few days or few weeks of nothing but R & R.  While this resort is very broad in its size and amenities it is also very small and intimate at the same time.

The nucleus of the resort are the brand new state of the art 26 rooms and suites which make up the Pink Sands Club.  There are also a variety of private villas, 18-hole golf course, various restaurants and bars, tennis courts, large kid’s entertainment area/kids club, spa, watersports and spectacular views from every possible location.     If you have any questions pertaining to rooms and villas feel free to reach out to me as I did take the time to tour the rooms and a few villas while I was visiting.

The hotel rooms are truly state of the art when it comes to technology.  Everything in the room from the TV’s to the lighting to the drapes, etc. are managed by iPads located throughout your room which are strategically located.   The décor might be considered a bit more on the formal side (it’s obvious no expense was spared) for a Caribbean destination.  Dark wood furnishings are intermixed with drapery and colorful fabrics (mostly in the pink family) and tons of Italian Marble throughout.   The towels in the bathroom were to die for!  As I did tour various rooms, I found them all to be exceptionally oversized with the smallest room being a 1200 square foot one-bedroom suite (this was the room I stayed in).    Each suite has a, living room, bedroom, bathroom and dressing room with a large furnished patio.   A one-bedroom suite can accommodate a family of four with children under 12 years on the pull out sofa in the living room however there are also two bedroom suites which are about 3000 square feet and some of the one bedrooms can interconnect.  All of the rooms have huge patios overlooking the gorgeous beach.  My room was on the ground floor which allowed me to literally walk out of the sliding doors of my room with my toes in the sand however if you are on the 2nd floor rooms with balconies the view of the crystal clear blue water is a bit more dramatic.

There are variety of restaurants and bars throughout the resort however depending on the time of year and occupancy levels of the resort you should not always expect all venues to be open.   Since I was visiting during off season the hotel rotated which restaurant would be open.   The quality of the food and service remained on par with my past experiences which were always very positive.  In all of my past visits I always thought the quality of the food quality was exceptional on Canouan Island compared to other resort destinations in Caribbean and Mexico and this still remains true.  The resort does have its own hydroponic farm and does obtain quality foods and supplies from the US which it flies into the island on a regular basis.

I travel extensively and truly enjoy high end luxury properties.  It is obvious that the owners of this resort have spared no expense in creating what is, in my opinion, probably one of the most luxurious properties in the Caribbean.



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